Helios Capital brings to the table a proven track record of success. The combination of our entrepreneurial backgrounds and operator experience with the Helios Integral Investment Approach has generated outperforming returns while developing Companies that Matter™.

Every partner company is a new opportunity, and we are continually energized to develop undiscovered value and potential to develop companies with long-term sustainable profitability and those that impact their people, their communities, and the market at large positively.
The following are summary descriptions of a sampling of investments in which the Helios Principals were significantly involved with prior to or concurrently with the formation of Helios Capital.


AD&P was a services company in the construction field.


AmeriServ Food Company was a leading foodservice distributor.

American Crop Services, Inc.

American Crop Services provided outsourced fertilizer and chemical application and spraying services as well as operated 32 “super farm centers” that retailed agricultural inputs.

Belding Hausman

Belding Hausman manufactures specialty textiles; primarily drapery and home furnishing fabrics that require quick turnaround for retailers, like JC Penney and Target, who have JIT inventory programs.


BillMatrix Corporation is a leading provider of outsourced electronic bill payment services.

Compare Apple

Compare Apple is completely focused on serving the consumer with the most up-to-date information and deals for loans, debt, medical, business services, and real estate.

Envision Gaming Technologies

Envision is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic games for casinos.

Fresh America Corp

Fresh America Corp., with over $600 million in revenues, provided procurement, processing, repacking, warehousing and distribution services of fresh produce and other refrigerated products for a wide variety of customers in the retail, food service and food distribution businesses.

Hammerman & Gainer (H&G)

Hammerman & Gainer (H&G) is a third party administrator (TPA) providing workers’ compensation claims administration for insurance companies and self-insured clients. H&G also provides risk management consulting, investigation, and multi-line insurance adjusting

Instaff Personnel

InStaff is a leading staffing services company providing temporary employees to light industrial manufacturers and distributors.


JPG was a full-service marketing agency and customer relationship management firm.

Logex Corporation

Logex served as the nation’s largest independent, over-the-road carrier of cryogenic liquids and compressed gases.

Mango Network

Mango Network provided hosted world-class software for specific vertical markets through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

Mission Valley Textiles

Mission Valley Textiles was a preeminent, vertically-integrated manufacturer and marketer of textile products for the apparel and home fashions markets.

PrimeSource FoodService Equipment, Inc.

PrimeSource is one of the nation's leading turnkey providers for all of a restaurant's equipment and hardware needs.


The RabidPop is a localized online video community providing a voice and identity for teenagers across America.

South America For Less

South America For Less and its subsidiaries form the leading Progressive Tourism firm with a focus solely on South America and a complete price guarantee.

Sun Engine & Transmission Sales, Inc.

Sun Engine was the largest remanufacturer of domestic and foreign automobile engines in the United States.

Synapse Group, Inc.

The Synapse Group was a leading Internet agency working with customers like Hilton Hotels, American Airlines, and Mary Kay Incorporated to build interactive web sites with transaction-processing capabilities.

Trycos Software:

Trycos developed and sold integration software products that allowed manufacturing and distribution firms to enable their Enterprise Resource Planning Management Systems (“ERP”) for eCommerce.

Vasana Media

Vasana Media is focused on being the leading digital, high-definition video firm.

Yellow Checker Cab Company of Dallas/Fort Worth:

Yellow Cab is the result of a roll-up of seven taxicab operations in the North Texas Area. Today, the Company is the leader in its marketplace and one of the five largest taxi operations in the Nation with more than 1,100 cars in its fleet.


Mango Network provided hosted world-class software for specific vertical markets through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Mango’s flagship product was ChannelMaker, a back-office and front-office software solution that managed service and sales order entry through shipping, inventory control, purchasing, and accounting. ChannelMaker was targeted to the small and mid-sized wholesale distribution market.

Type of Transaction: Growth Capital

Integral Value:
Helios was attracted to Mango’s executive team which had passion, industry expertise, and proven start-up experience. Furthermore, the SaaS business model provides a compelling value proposition to customers in an age when enterprise software is far too costly and far too complex for smaller middle-market businesses. By providing hosted software as a service and charging variable pricing, Mango’s customers gained increased efficiency and scalability with less cost, fewer headaches, and fewer distractions when compared to the traditional industry paradigm of buy, own, and maintain your own software and hardware.

Mango’s model enabled middle market companies to get out of the Information Technology (IT) business and focus their attention where it really mattered. In the end, the Company was not able to scale fast enough to overcome the upfront costs of acquiring customers. Unlike a typical software company, which generates revenue from licensing fees and implementation services from new customers, Mango’s customer acquisition costs were not recouped until much later in process. While the SaaS model provides for long-term relationships and recurring revenues, the addition of new customers must ramp quickly and achieve critical velocity for this type of business to succeed. In Mango’s situation, while the company was successful in acquiring blue-chip customers, the adoption rate of new customers was not high enough to overcome the cash required for continued customer acquisition and operating the company. In late 2006, the Company’s management decided to wind-down operations and transition Mango’s customers to an industry competitor, Knowledge Blue.

Revenue: $0.4 million
Sector: Software
Partnering Date: March 2005
Status: Exit – September 2006 – No Return on Equity

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