B. Anthony Burroughs / Senior Managing Director

B. Anthony Burroughs is an experienced, successful entrepreneur, operator, and investor uniquely combined with recognized sales and marketing skills as well as strategic mergers and acquisitions strengths. Mr. Burroughs has several successful full cycle growth experiences – from founding day to exit of his businesses - and extensive private equity experience.

Luke Sweetser / Senior Managing Director

With more than 12 years experience as a private equity investor, Luke Sweetser brings expertise to all aspects of the investment process; including deal origination, valuation, due diligence analysis, negotiating and structuring transactions, and monitoring and exiting investments.

Brent Snyder / Senior Managing Director

Mr. Snyder brings to Helios a distinguished track record of strong executive leadership and high performance team results. While COO of Pegasus Logistics Group, Mr. Snyder led a team that achieved annual growth of more than 35% for three (3) consecutive years while improving net profit by more than 300%; increased revenue from existing customers more than 25% while garnering the respect of the company’s stakeholders.

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